Outdoor Varden™ A-Frame (6 ft)


  • Perfect patio divider for restaurants that can also grow food for the kitchen
  • Grow, display and sell from the same unit for efficient plant display at grocery or nursery
  • Huge plant capacity and no mounting hassles with this innovative “Farm on wheels”
  • Automate the watering so you can focus on other needs

48 square feet of growing area on wheels! Perfect for large garden production with mobile capability. Functions great on patios and driveways; also well suited for garden centers and grocery stores for production, display, and sale of live plant material. Restaurants with outdoor dining areas will love the beauty and productivity of growing their own fresh produce!

  • All custom aluminum construction of the frame to support a full compliment of Varden™ Vertical Garden components for many yearsUprights come in 3’ long sections for ease in shipment and handling
  • Same set of components can create frame heights in 3’ increments up to 12’
  • Successive sections can be added by extending on either side in 4’ wide increments
  • Includes Varden™ trays or sleeves (depending on preference), plus irrigation, and rolling casters

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