Soil Filled Vardensok for Vertical Gardens (12 ct)



  • The success-maker when you don’t have time to fill your own
  • Large volume of garden soil and consistent quality every time
  • Breathable mesh for root respiration and moisture control
  • Durable and will last multiple seasons or crop rotations
  • Super easy to plant with our Fast Start Plant plugs 

Additional Information

Vertical Garden Lettuce Progress Photo

Each Vardensok fills one tray of any Varden™ Vertical Garden or Farm. Packaged as a soil companion for the  Varden™ Vertical Garden 36 which has 6 rows of trays and holds 12 Vardensoks. Breathable mesh is filled with our tested soil blend for assured growing success, moisture retention, nutrition and flavor. All Varden growing systems feature innovative drip irrigation. The tightly filled Vardensok are perfectly round to match the Varden Tray shape, ensuring good contact with drip lines and water holding cells in the bottom of each tray. You will have gardening success with Varden Vertical Gardens and accessories!

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Customer Reviews

20 reviews for Soil Filled Vardensok for Vertical Gardens (12 ct)

  1. Luke Bloom

    I bought the socks with some of their fast start plants and it was really easy. I just planted the tiny herbs and off they went!

  2. Dane I

    I’m so glad I found this product! I recently bought a vertical garden 36 and my first few seedlings are doing wonderful. The soil in these Vardensoks is perfect for my seeds. Also, the mesh bags are breathable, which helps keep the soil fresh and prevent it from drying out. The socks are round and packed really tight with soil, which makes them fit perfectly in my Varden. Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants a quicker and easier route and wants to minimize any self errors haha.

  3. Claire McDonald

    I have a Varden vertical garden 24 that I used with the Vardensok’s. Made me feel way more confident that I wouldn’t screw something up by using their pre packaged and prepared soil versions of the socks.  They don’t get too heavy. The water holding ability of these are really good for any seedlings. From one gardener to another, it’s worth your time and money to go for the filled vardensoks just to make sure that everything works properly!

  4. Maria F

    I don’t own any other Varden products but i did buy these to grow herbs in and I was pretty surprised how quickly my herbs grew in the vardensoks simply on the ground in my backyard!

  5. Lou F

    The socks came fully stuffed and ready to plant! I was blown away at the amount of moisture they hold even in the heat of summer

  6. Luke M

    These made planting my garden pretty much as easy as it gets, can’t go wrong

  7. Patrick Connors

    I used the Vardensok to grow vegetables in my vertical garden 36.  I like the bigger version because it has a lot of growing space. The Vardensoks really helped expedite the process for me. I tried growing a few different crops and herbs in the Vardensok, and they all did really well.

  8. James Ruffalo

    I’m a new gardener and I have been following the Varden company on Instagram for a while now. Finally, I decided to buy one.   The Vardensoks are a neat product, they’re packed super thick with soil and keep the plants from getting root bound. I’m really glad I used these instead of filling with soil myself. Made everything a lot easier for me to get started!

  9. Tony D

    Vardensoks are a huge time saver with the varden vertical garden. Definitely a shortcut thats worth it!

  10. Leo S

    The filled mesh socks made it super simple to start my vertical garden. I just seeded directly into the cut holes and watered it every couple of days.

  11. Lucy M

    I’m a fairly new gardener and didn’t know what types of soil I should be buying for certain plants yada yada yada. I really just want to grow veggies without feeling like I’m messing something up, these helped a lot with that!

  12. Jason M

    I have a few raised beds in my yard and I decided to try a vertical vegetable garden.  I picked up a Varden Vertical Garden and after some research decided to get the Vardensok add on.  The Vardensoks were packaged in a nice box and they were in perfect condition.  I planted them in my vertical garden and I could tell that they were going to be a great success.  I’m so happy with my new vertical garden and my Vardensoks!

  13. Fernando M

    The soil was really dry and clumped together when I got mine, I recommended rolling them on the ground for a few seconds before watering and rehydrating the soil. Help mine a lot with bringing the soil back to normal before planting!

  14. Josh R

    I’ve grown a small herb garden from seed and have planted plugs from the fast start plant box in my raised beds. Additionally, I have planted plugs and seeds directly into the filled vardensoks. Wow what a difference I have seen in just the first few weeks! The vertical garden has just taken off.

  15. Maggie Johnson

    I bought a Varden™ Vertical Garden 36 which has 6 rows of trays and holds 12 Vardensoks. I have bought the Vardensoks to go with it. This is the perfect starter kit for the beginner in Vertical Gardening.

  16. Stephanie G

    I’ve found these great for giving your plants the best shot at being super super healthy from the beginning. The initial germination is probably the most important part of the plants life, so knowing you have a good soil mix is really important. These worked really well for me!

  17. Patsy S

    My husband and I have been big gardeners for years, and I am always on the hunt for new and improved gardening methods. But I am always on the lookout for items that are designed for the home gardener. Vardensok is a product that I have been using for the past few years, and I love it! It is super easy to use. The only “downside” is that you don’t have as much room in the Varden as you do with a regular garden, but I’m out of space so its a great alternative.  

  18. Rachel R

    As someone who’s happy to pay a little extra for convenience, this was the perfect move for me!

  19. Will F

    I have no complaints with how well my plants grew in the vardensoks, my only complaint is I wish these came with the vertical garden 36 for the convenience of em.

  20. Kyle Jordan

    I have been gardening for a long time, but I’d never heard of a Varden. I had been getting great results from the seeds I’ve been using, but the soil was always lacking in some way. I wanted to try something new, so I got a Varden with filled socks. It’s a great success! The seeds I’ve been using are easier to plant and grow than I expected. I don’t have to worry about transplanting them into the soil. The soil blend is awesome!

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