Soil Filled Vardensok for Vertical Gardens (12 ct)


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  • The success-maker when you don’t have time to fill your own
  • Large volume of garden soil and consistent quality every time
  • Breathable mesh for root respiration and moisture control
  • Durable and will last multiple seasons or crop rotations
  • Super easy to plant with our Fast Start Plant plugs 

Additional Information

Vertical Garden Lettuce Progress Photo

Each Vardensok fills one tray of any Varden™ Vertical Garden or Farm. Packaged as a soil companion for the  Varden™ Vertical Garden 36 which has 6 rows of trays and holds 12 Vardensoks. Breathable mesh is filled with our tested soil blend for assured growing success, moisture retention, nutrition and flavor. All Varden growing systems feature innovative drip irrigation. The tightly filled Vardensok are perfectly round to match the Varden Tray shape, ensuring good contact with drip lines and water holding cells in the bottom of each tray. You will have gardening success with Varden Vertical Gardens and accessories!

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