Vertical Garden Fast Start Plants (36 ct)


Faster than seed and easier to plant than 4” garden center pots! Plus no plastic pots to dispose!

Small live plugs for simple transplant into filled Vardensoks. All of our fast start plugs are grown in Ellepot recycled paper pots for secure shipping. Each delivery box will hold 36 garden plant plugs (1 mix) to completely fill one Varden™ Vertical Garden 24 or 36. Get your vertical garden started fast or use for seasonal crop replacements. Demand and seasonal availability may force mix species substitutions or lead times.

Additional Information

Vertical garden lettuce progress photo

Available Mixes:

Health & Beauty- Peppermint, Stevia, and Lettuce

Bold Flavor- Peppermint, Chives, and Lemon Balm

Daily Chef- Rosemary, Basil, and Parsley

Kitchen Classic- Oregano, Thyme, and Sage

Perfect size to jumpstart your Vardensoks and Varden Vertical Gardens no matter what time of year!

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Customer Reviews

20 reviews for Vertical Garden Fast Start Plants (36 ct)

  1. Harry F

    The plants came in a sleek little box just a few days after placing my order, really simple process.

  2. Jimmy W

    This was a fun project for my kids. We picked out the mix together and when it arrived we got to un package it and look at everything and smell it before planting. They are super invested in them now, great summer project!

  3. Mike J

    I’ve had trouble in the past with getting my seeds past the germination stage, It’s really nice to be able to buy these to skip that process. Would recommend to anyone with similar struggles!

  4. John Reardon

    The little plugs came in a nice package and were healthy and still a little moist, no worry about these taking off in my garden!

  5. Leon Richards

    I hate how long seeds take to grow into full plants so this is ideal for someone impatient like me lol

  6. Kim Jefferson

    I always end up starting my seeds too late and not being ready for when it’s warm enough. Spring always sneaks up on me and these plants got my raised bed going in no time it was great!

  7. Jose F

    I liked that these came in varieties instead of single species, it gave me a ton of variety to choose from!

  8. Ken Deed

    I ordered the Kitchen Classic mix and have been cooking with sage, oregano, and thyme almost every day. I have been growing these for about 4 weeks now and they are thriving!

  9. Kirk Williams

    The plants arrived just a few days after ordering in great condition! I can’t wait to get these planted in time for this cooler fall weather.

  10. Angelica Jones

    The box arrived in good condition and the plants were well watered. The box smelled amazing when I opened it. Can’t beat fresh herbs shipped to your door.

  11. Joe F

    A huge time saver if you start growing a little later in the season than expected. These shipped to me looking super healthy and acclimated to the soil almost instantly, great results on my end.

  12. Kai Nguyen

    Tried something different this year and so much easier than starting from seed and didn’t have to worry about losing any.

  13. Cooper Raffield

    My favorite mix so far has been the kitchen classic. We cook with it all the time and keeps us going all season long. If I find myself wanting more I just order another mix.

  14. Fred Y

    I love buying seedlings from here because I know that they will always be happy and healthy when they get to me!

  15. Tim Ashland

    We started a little herb harden in our window in the kitchen and this was super easy. We use them every day in dishes or as garnishes.

  16. George V.

    Amazing variety, all the plugs came fresh and healthy. Would definitely repurchase, just based on convenience factor alone.

  17. JD

    These are amazing and grew so quick!

  18. Henry White

    Came in a nice box, plants arrived safe and sound. Thanks!

  19. Rebecca Miller

    The Bold Flavor mix was perfect for what I was looking for. Excited to watch these babies grow, will be back next time!

  20. Shawn

    The plants arrived just a few days after ordering in great condition! I can’t wait to get these planted in time for this cooler fall weather.

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