Vertical Garden Fast Start Plants (36 ct)


Faster than seed and easier to plant than 4” garden center pots! Plus no plastic pots to dispose!

Small live plugs for simple transplant into filled Vardensoks. All of our fast start plugs are grown in Ellepot recycled paper pots for secure shipping. Each delivery box will hold 36 garden plant plugs (1 mix) to completely fill one Varden™ Vertical Garden 24 or 36. Get your vertical garden started fast or use for seasonal crop replacements. Demand and seasonal availability may force mix species substitutions or lead times.

Additional Information

Vertical garden lettuce progress photo

Available Mixes Spring ’23:

Daily Chef- Salanova Lettuce, Emerald Towers Basil, Spicy Globe Basil

Kitchen Classic- Hot & Spicy Oregano, Golden Lemon Thyme, Rosemary 

Perfect size to jumpstart your Vardensoks and Varden Vertical Gardens no matter what time of year!

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