Varden Vertical Farm 132



  • Lean Varden 132 against your house, garage or in your basement and feed your family year round
  • Huge 132 plant capacity and no mounting hassles with this innovative self supported vertical farm
  • Enjoy the flavor and nutrition of growing in soil and integrated drip irrigation for self-watering and automation


Additional Information

Fully planted varden vertical farm 132

Create simple and productive vertical farms quickly, using our modular components to make a single side at 4’ wide that leans against any surface to garden anywhere. Minimal setup and expandable to any width with additional components. This single panel is 6’ tall and 4’ wide and is capable of holding Varden™ Trays or Sleeves with the proper wire selection.

  • Four of our 3’ long upright structural segments along with two top caps and two leveling feet
  • Two connectors to make two 6’ tall uprights
  • Twist-lok keys to connect structural wire panels
  • Two wire panels in either 6 inch (trays) or 8 inch (sleeves) configuration
  • Enough Trays or Sleeves to cover the structure
  • Drip irrigation components
  • Empty Vardensok mesh or filled Sleeve Ellepots not included and can be purchased separately

Try our Fast and Easy soil companion to get the right soil every time with our soil filled Vardensok 12 count box (not included)

The Varden 132 will hold up to 132 plants (not included) and we have the perfect companion in our Fast Start Plants

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