Filled Ellepots for Varden Sleeve (12 ct.)


Box of 12 pre-filled paper Ellepots to fill our Varden™ Sleeves. Packaged as a companion for the Varden™ Sleeve and 8″ wire opening. Ellepots are 100mm diameter x 240mm long. Populate with 1 plant per Ellepot for indoor and outdoor vertical growing, and works great with our Fast Start Plugs! Plants not included.

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1 review for Filled Ellepots for Varden Sleeve (12 ct.)

  1. George V

    These pots out performed my expectations and delivered a thriving root system, as you can see in the pictures!

    I would definitely recommend this product for anybody cultivating cannabis that wants to maximize their grow space and improve plant quality at the same time. The porous nature of the “sleeve” delivers vital oxygen to the growing root system way more efficiently than most fabric pots I have tried. I had strong seedlings that thrived post transplant as well.

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