Expertly engineered, economical components combined with efficient installation and excellent plant health make our VARDEN™ Living Walls the most competitive vertical walls in the business.

This low-maintenance wall garden works because it imitates growing conditions found in nature. All kinds of different plants thrive in locally-sourced soil contained within our proprietary Vardensoks. They give roots room to breathe and spread out, which means they can get all the nutrients they need to flourish. And our drip-irrigation system ensures that plants receive the moisture they need while also reducing water waste.

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Components to Build Your Own Vertical Garden!

Plant wall décor, vertical herb gardens, outdoor plant walls: there is no limit to what you can build with our living plant wall components. Grab what you need to make your next client or personal DIY project a reality.

Twist-Lok Keys (10 ct)

Whether it’s for living wall art, an outdoor green wall, or an interior design improvement, these keys connect to our trays, easily securing all of your wall-hanging projects wherever they are.

Varden™ Galvanized Wire Panels (5 ct)

Varden™ Galvanized Wire Panels (5 ct)

Spice up your living room with an indoor plant wall or take your outdoor hanging garden to the next level with our supportive wire panels.

Varden™ Closed Bottom Trays (30 ct)

Complete your next plant wall project using these trays, which snap easily onto our wire panels.

Varden™ Sleeve (30 ct)

Easily attaching to our 8″ opening wire panels, these sleeves use AirTray tech to facilitate healthy, rapid plant growth.

Filled Vardensok for Outdoor Gardens (12 ct)

The well-being of your garden is our priority. All kinds of greenery love the healthy soil mix we use in our Vardensoks.

Filled Ellepots for Varden Sleeve (12 ct.)

Populate with one plant per pre-filled Ellepot for both outdoor and indoor gardening projects. Plus, it works great with our Fast Start Plugs!

Why Our Living Wall System Works

We designed our system to be as low maintenance as possible for anyone wanting to create their own garden, even if they have limited time and space.

Our drip-irrigation system mimics nature, meaning water is conserved and no chemicals or electricity are needed to keep everything running smoothly.

No matter where you live, you now have the ability to plant, foster, and enjoy your own organic food that you’ve grown by hand.

Our system supports better plant health because it gives roots what they need: Space to grow, breathe, and absorb nutrients.

Living walls are a great addition to home décor because not only are they stunning, but they improve indoor air quality and absorb harsh noises in urban environments.

Because our gardens grow vertically, your plants are better-protected and out of reach from pesky lil’ critters on the ground.

Why Vertical Garden Supply?

Save time, money, and the environment. Every part of our system is made in the United States and designed to last for years – all at a competitive price. Our system works for everyone, including the beginner gardener and professionals wanting to create custom projects for their clients. You can purchase an entire ready-to-assemble kit, or you can grab specific components to create your own system.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist moss wall versus one of our stunning vertical gardens, rest assured that Vertical Garden Supply will give you the tools you need to achieve your gardening goals.