Varden Empty Mesh Roll


In stock

Soil filled Vardensok are the heart of the Varden Vertical Garden System. When you are creating a custom vertical garden or refreshing the media from last year, our bulk rolls of mesh give you control and creativity.

  • Bulk Rolls of empty mesh for cutting and filling with garden soil.
  • Breathable containment for garden soil that lets the roots breath and prevents over-watering.
  • Create 5″ diameter Vardensoks for use in the Varden™ living wall system with Varden Trays.
  • Each 400′ roll will yield approx. 150 filled 2′ long socks. Sold in units of 1 roll per box and box can fit 2 rolls max.
  • Can be used for creative plantable edging , borders and window boxes too!


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