Varden Living Retaining Wall Blocks (10 ct)


  • Varden Blocks weigh 3 pounds each, saving time and backache
  • Save on storage space with our stackable blocks and innovative packaging
  • Build up to 5′ tall with our full size retaining wall blocks
  • Turn your retaining wall need into a lush landscape garden by planting into the gaps
  • Efficiently delivered to your door by common carrier like other daily packages

Additional Information

Our innovative, small scale retaining wall block system designed for ease of shipping, handling, and installation. The blocks are engineered to achieve walls up to 5’ tall. A revolutionary landscape retaining wall block designed specifically for planting to yield fantastic living coverage. Each living retaining wall can become a masterpiece of environmental stewardship!

Ask us about bulk quantities.


  • Material – Injection Molded Plastic
  • Coverage – 1 SF per block
  • Block Height – 6″ per course
  • Weight – 3 lbs per block
  • Color options – Grey, Green, Tan and Brown

Contents of 1 box – A stack of 10 blocks along with 20 snap in side rails. Each box covers 10 SF of living retaining wall.

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  • $3,500.00

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