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Grow in soil, the way Mother Nature intended.

Grow in soil, the way Mother Nature intended.

Small Space Gardening Is The Future

Our Varden™ Vertical Garden system has revolutionized the way people think about both outdoor and indoor vertical gardens. Our vertical wall planters enable soil-based gardens where traditional gardens or raised beds are not possible. Grow from seed or live plug and be “ready-to-harvest” in practically zero space.

Our Varden™ living retaining walls are a landscape-scale retaining wall block made of recycled plastic, a breakthrough in the landscape retaining wall business. Designed to be soil filled, planted with your favorite ground-covers and yield fantastic living face coverage. Outdoor plant walls have never been more productive!

All Varden™ systems are designed with their entire life cycle in mind. It starts with utilizing recycled components. It ends with all of our living wall and vertical garden components establishing optimal conditions for plant health and long-term ecological sustainability.

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Why Our Vertical Garden System Works

Nothing beats Mother Nature. That’s why our vertical planting systems are all designed to mimic growing conditions found in the great outdoors while also being suitable for suburban and urban use.

  • Get the dirt on your system. You can use our soil, composted right here in St. Louis, Missouri. Or, you can choose your own potting soil or local compost for your vertical garden. The choice is yours!
  • Want not, waste not. Our drip irrigation system ensures plants get the moisture they need while wasting less water than hydroponic systems.
  • No root rot here! Unlike gardens grown in planter boxes, our Vardensoks give roots what they need: plenty of room. Plants can stretch their roots, breathe, and get all the vital nutrients they need. We plant in soil, the way nature intended.
  • Minimalist design. Everyone should be able to grow their own food, even if they have limited garden space. Our design takes up less space than other kinds of gardens by growing in vertical space. That means everyone can be a gardener, no matter where they live.
  • Customizable. We offer freestanding and wall-mounted planter walls to work with any indoor or outdoor space.
  • Grow it all. Succulents, climbing plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables all call our wall gardens home.

Looking for vertical garden ideas? Find tower garden designs, indoor vertical herb gardens, outdoor vegetable gardens, and more on our Pinterest page.

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With 30 years of innovation, Vertical Garden Supply by Verdtech, Inc. provides high-performing components for living walls, vertical gardens, vertical farming, and structural living retaining walls. Our systems quickly grow over with a variety of vibrant vegetation… and stay that way with minimal effort.