Vertical Garden Supply Products Now Sold at Bowood Farms

Vertical Garden Supply

Now Available for Local Pickup at Bowood Farms

Transform your living space with Vertical Garden Supply by Verdtech. We believe that everyone should have secure access to food and greenery, no matter where they live. That is why we designed our vertical growing systems to fit seamlessly into both the smallest of urban apartments and the largest rural backyards. Better yet, our systems help plants grow healthier (and tastier) because they let plants grow in soil, the way Mother Nature intended. Whether you want to create a stunning succulent wall or an indoor herb garden, we can help you achieve your vertical gardening goals.

About Bowood Farms

Growers and brunch enthusiasts alike can find a lot to love in this St. Louis garden center. Located in Central West End, Saint Louis, Missouri, this location doubles as both a garden shop and a dining spot. Enjoy a light yet filling brunch at Bowood by Niche before picking up the high-quality gardening tools and houseplants you need to get started on your next landscaping or gardening project.

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