Planted Edible Vardensoks (4 ct)


This item is now available for pre-order! Ships 6 weeks after order date.

A box of 4, 1-ft socks, with 3 plants in each sock. Box shipment anywhere in US now available, and pickup available in STL area.

Flat Parsley (2 available)

Curly Parsley (18 available)

Sorrel (13 available)

Rosemary (4 available)

Stevia (10 available)

Mint (4 available)

Sage (4 available)

Oregano (26 available)

Chives (16 available)

Cilantro (20 available)

Basil (3 available)

Thyme (3 available)

Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ (14 available)

Spinach ‘Imperial Green’ (12 available)

Lettuce ‘Simpson Elite’ (12 available)

Lettuce ‘Red Salad Bowl’ (12 available)

*Choose up to 4 different plants, 1 type of plant per sock*

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