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  • Experience the taste and nutrition of your own leafy greens and herbs grown in soil the way “Mother Nature” intended
  • Mounted and ready to plant in about an hour so forget all the expense and hard work of raised beds by going vertical
  • Garden anywhere even if short on space — patios, balconies and unused spaces around the house can all become gardens
  • Grow 36 plants the easy way with no weeding, no digging, harvest standing up and even water with a timer while you travel

Varden™ vertical gardening kit at 2′ wide x 3′ tall each and ships in a fun, informative and re-usable box. Complete with all components needed for outdoor install. Includes wire panel cut to size, 6 pieces of empty Vardensok mesh for filling with garden soil, cardboard tube for easy sock filling, 12 Varden trays, pre-cut irrigation supply line with fittings, 6 drip lines with fittings attached and 4 wire mounting cleats for easy attachment to walls, fences, posts, etc

Installation Video: VardenDIY Installation

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15 reviews for Outdoor Varden™ Kit 2×3

  1. Tim

    Beautiful product and fantastic team!

  2. Tyler

    Amazing team and product. Brought some life back to our outside area.

  3. Jake

    Great way to easily grow vegetables and herbs in a small space with minimum infrastructure

  4. Haley

    So sustainable!

  5. Margaret

    Love this kit! It was so easy to assemble and love that I am growing my vegetables in soil! Love that I can go into my back yard and cut fresh herbs and leafy greens for my cooking.

  6. George V.

    This product outperformed my expectations, with minimal effort I was able to add color and liveliness to my outdoor space.

  7. JD Dehne

    These kits are amazing! They go together in minutes and I transformed a dull wall into a thriving garden in less than half an afternoon. Quality of material is strong, packaging is secure. I could not recommend this product or the customer service more. Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from JD Dehne
  8. Casey C

    Very easy to set up, great instructions for filling and planting the socks, and its worked fantastically for a variety of pepper plants, herbs, and succulents on my balcony in LA. For me, space is tight, so this was a perfect solution for being able to grow a significant number of plants without taking up precious real estate. I built a simple leaning stand out of treated 2×4’s that has the irrigation tubes mounted to it, so moving and watering is easy. Love it!

  9. Rachel S

    I ordered a Varden 2×3 Kit along with a DIY Stand for my mother’s 59th birthday. The delivery shipped quickly, and I was able to build the birthday gift within hours. I truly went all out with sanding the wood and staining, so that added some time. Assembly was super easy and the finish product truly blew my mom away. I decided to go with flowers instead of herbs since my mom already has an edible garden. The petunias grew in wonderfully and are thriving on her patio currently. It is super simple for her to water and take care of, she connects the hose once a week and has been minimal maintenance for her. She is OBSESSED!!!

    Image #1 from Rachel S
  10. Laurie B

    I have always wanted something like this after seeing something similar in FL. Well, this does not disappoint. I have been able to grow lettuces, herbs and flowers and so enjoy it’s beauty as well as having the ability to go out and cut something fresh to eat. It’s easy to do, easy to maintain and we get so much out of it. I highly recommend and would love to have an indoor version at some point since I live in the Midwest.

  11. Terri Waters

    I love my Varden kit! It’s a beautiful feature on my patio, like a piece of artwork. Every spring I plant a variety of herbs and add a few succulents and marigolds for beauty. The watering system is great — I turn on the hose for about 10 minutes and enjoy watching water cascading from one row to the next. It’s a very gentle and soothing sound. Plus my in-ground plants below the Varden catch the drips and stay well-hydrated. Looking forward to planting lettuces and kale this fall!

  12. Retta

    It is a fun and easy way to grow and enjoy plants; no digging, no bending over and no weeds! All with great results.

  13. John Eckrich

    Nothing like a in home living spice rack right outside your patio door. What delicious fun.

  14. Rae

    I’m going to give this to someone who no longer can do traditional gardening.
    They can have vegetables or flowers which ever they would like.

  15. Tom

    This system has so many advantages for growing great food. I used it in my backyard for the convenience and reliability of growing awesome herbs. Then I expanded it to grow flowers too!) With the built in drip feed watering system, and an added timer I never have to worry about going out of town. Maybe the best advantage of all is the fact I don’t need to weed!;) And it’s too high for the rabbits)

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