Outdoor Varden™ Kit 2×2


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Varden™ vertical gardening kit at 2′ wide x 2′ tall each and ships in a fun, informative and re-usable box. Complete with all components needed for outdoor install. Includes wire panel cut to size, 4 pieces of empty Vardensok mesh for filling with garden soil (not included), cardboard tube for easy Vardensok filling, 8 Varden trays, pre-cut irrigation supply line with fittings, 4 drip lines with fittings attached and 4 wire mounting cleats for easy attachment to walls, fences, posts (not included), etc. The kit can also be mounted on our Vertical Garden Rack or on our DIY Stand Kit, (sold seperately).

The 2’x2’ kit will hold up to 24 plants (not included) and we have the perfect companion in our Fast Start Plants

Installation Video: Varden DIY Installation

In stock

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